9 Amazing Facts About Using Hashtags For Social Media in 2022

facts about hashtags

In today’s world, social media has attained a certain level of popularity and power. It serves as more than just a unique sign for a pound or number; additionally, it may be used to make something trend on Facebook, Instagram, and of course, Twitter.

Using hashtags is a technique to organize discussions or content related to a specific issue, making it simple for users to find stuff that interests them.

Although they can be used on almost every social media platform, hashtags are most frequently used on Twitter and Instagram.

The hashtag spread across the majority, if not all, social media platforms and became an online tagging craze. But how did this symbol become a common phrase, and where did it come from? This tiny icon has expanded human knowledge and created strong links throughout the world.

Check out these 9 little-known hashtag facts.

The hashtag was not created by Twitter

Although Twitter was where the hashtag first appeared on social media, the business did not create it. Messina suggested putting the hash or pound symbol before the term to make tweets easier to search, Messina suggested putting the hash or pound symbol before the term. Chris sought to organize and improve the search ability of tweets when Twitter was still in its infancy.

On August 23, 2007, the hashtag was first used online.

Chris Messina came up with the concept of using the hashtag to follow conversations on Twitter. Tragically, the idea was forgotten because he tried to present it to Twitter at the wrong time because they were busy. The hashtag eventually changed into what it is today as Twitter eventually caught on. Messina’s first hashtag was #barcamp.

What separates the hashtag from the pound symbol

Before diving into this interesting, educational, and enlightening list, it is crucial to understand the distinction between the pound sign and the hashtag.

The hashtag consists of a character and an accompanying word, such as a symbol (#). But for whatever reason, a lot of people use the “#” symbol to refer to a hashtag.

Its genuine name is neither “pound sign” nor a “hashtag.”

We indicated earlier that Chris referred to it as a “pound symbol” in his tweet. There was no error here. When he wrote his tweet, the word “hashtag” had not yet been invented. The term “hashtag” hadn’t been created when he posted his tweet. Only recently have Americans been referring to the pound symbol by the word “hashtag.”

Many people, especially Americans, refer to the hashtag as the “pound sign” because it is derived from the letter “lb.” The pound is the common weight measurement in the US.

It was an arbitrary addition to telephones

To address the early dialing issues, telephone manufacturers developed the touch-tone system in 1963. This system allocated a unique tone to each row and column on the telephone keypad.

AT&T engineers added the * and # at Bell Laboratories to make use of the spaces on either side of the single 0 on the final row of the three keypads. Initially worthless, the buttons were subsequently utilized to operate the telephone.

C# is C-sharp and C-hash

The programming language C# is called C-sharp instead of C-pound or C-hash. It was hard to trademark the language, originally called Cool or “C-like Object Oriented Language” by its creator Anders Hejlsberg.

The hashtag has become so common that they can even find it in food

Bird’s Eye Food introduced the “mashtag” in 2014.They believed that this modernized version of their well-known smiley faces would appeal to the social media generation. The hashtag and other social media-related icons were molded into crispy potato shapes.

Hash vs. hashtag

Unlike hashtags, hash (or pound) refers to both the symbol and the keyword used before the term. As an illustration, the hashtag #Freedom contains the sign # and the word “Freedom” as its keyword.

In 2021, #love was the most popular hashtag on Instagram

Despite notable hashtags connected to major international events, #love was the one that was used the most this year. #Love has been used to show our affection for our friends, family, coworkers, and even certain sectors of the economy and enterprises. Maybe it demonstrates that no matter what’s happening in the world, #love is all we need to survive.


Over time, the hashtag or “#” symbol has changed and not always served the same function. Although social media has continued to integrate the hashtag into our daily lives, they used it first originated as the pound sign and on telephone number pads. Hashtags have dominated how we interact with one another, look for information online, and go about our daily lives. In recognition of its widespread use online and offline, the hashtag was added to the Oxford Dictionary.

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