Don’t Shy Away From Color: Make your life colorful

Don’t shy away from color, even when your life is in white. If you want to be happy, you have to make your life colorful. Color is the most powerful element of the universe. It can change your mood instantly, it can make you laugh or cry and it can even make you fall in love with someone.

The scientific study of color has been around for hundreds of years and now there are many theories about its meaning and connection with human emotions.

According to one theory, colors affect people’s emotions because they reflect the wavelengths of light that stimulate each person’s brain differently. For example, blue wavelength light stimulates the left side of our brain while red stimulates our right side.

Another theory says that we all respond differently to different colors because they are made up of two basic elements: red/orange/yellow and blue/green/purple (called primary colors). People may react differently emotionally to these two elements depending on where they are located in an image or object (like a flower), but we will still be able to recognize them as being part of the same family of colors.

Importance of color

Life is full of colors. It’s not just the flowers that bloom in spring and summer, but also the people and things around us. We are surrounded by color: the bright red of a traffic light, the blue of a clear sky, and the browns and greens of nature.

Color is an important part of our lives. It helps us to see objects more clearly and it affects how we feel about them. For example, you may love a certain shade of blue or green or find it difficult to concentrate when your office is decorated in a drab shade of beige.

Different meanings of color

Colors can also have different meanings for different people depending on their culture, traditions, and beliefs. For example, some cultures use red to symbolize love or friendship; others might use purple for modesty or as a symbol for royalty (think Prince Harry). In many religions (Christianity especially), white represents purity and innocence; other religions may associate white with death or emptiness (think dead skin cells shedding from your body).

In essence, color is all around us — even if you don’t always notice its presence until someone points it out to us!


Orange conveys activity and enthusiasm by fusing the coziness of red and the optimism of yellow. Each of the orange’s hues and tones has a unique significance and impact. For instance, sweet, amiable, and conversation are associated with soft pastel peaches, whereas vitality, vigor, and inspiration are associated with vivid, vibrant oranges.


Yellow Since yellow is the color of the sun, it makes the dial grin. It is used for street signs because it is the color that sticks out the most from a distance and exudes cheer, friendliness, joy, and life. It is also related to mental sharpness and intelligence. However, yellow is used as a warning color on safety equipment, caution tape, and hazardous areas.


Named after the Anglo-Saxon term grene, which meant “grass” and “grow,” it now has two incongruous but widespread meanings. The first is the environment and the natural world, and the second is money and prosperity. Green is used to indicate being “green” in the environmental, sustainable, organic, and natural senses of the word since it represents plant life and growth in nature.

How to use color in your life

Here are some tips on how to use color in your life:

Start with the basics

The first step to incorporating color into your life is making sure that you have enough colors in your wardrobe. Even if you just want to experiment with colors, having a few basic colors at your disposal will help you find the right fit for whatever situation you’re in.

Add contrast and texture

Contrasting colors are especially effective when used together. For example, bright red and navy blue together can create an interesting effect that highlights one of the colors while still allowing the other to shine through as well. Texture can add interest as well — try layering different textures like suede boots with denim jeans or velvet curtains with leather furniture if that’s what feels right to you!

Change Your Background

There are many ways to change your background. You can go for white, but it can be dull. You can go for black, but it will make your phone look old. You can also try colorful backgrounds such as pink or purple.

You could also change the color of the wallpaper on your phone by going to settings and changing it from black to a bright white or colorful picture.

Wrap up!

Color can have a huge impact on you and your life. You can have a bright, colorful room or place to live or work. Go out and see the world for all of its beauty. Be positive about living and doing things in this world and enjoy it, and live fully. Enjoy nature, your home, your family, and yourself!

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