The top 10 secrets for healthy skin in winter

When the temperature drops and the air becomes chilly, cozy sweaters are in full swing. Winter is full of joy (like holidays and bonfires), but it also brings dry air and cold weather, both of which can be damaging to your healthy skin.

The weather might change dramatically during the winter, which can have an impact on your skin. Because of the dry air brought on by cold weather and low humidity levels, your skin becomes dry, itchy, flaky, and dull. You must adopt a specific skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and moisturized to get rid of all such skin issues.

Winter skincare advice is essential for anyone hoping to make it through the bitter cold without having their skin damaged. Here are some healthy skin care tips to help you maintain good skin during the winter.

Keep your skin moisturized

The skin loses moisture in the cold air. So, the secret to keeping the skin hydrated and supple is to moisturize frequently. For normal to dry skin, cream- and petroleum-based treatments work better than lotions. Even individuals with oily skin should use a gentle, unscented moisturizer. Keep yourself moisturized for healthy skin.

Keep yourself hydrated

People rarely drink water during the winter since they don’t perspire as much, even though staying hydrated is crucial. Your skin can lose moisture if you don’t drink enough water. Thus, it is essential to drink plenty of water to keep the body internally hydrated.

Avoid the usage of soaps

Another tip to keep your healthy skin is to avoid soaps made up of chemicals that irritate and dry out the skin. Soaps with mild, unscented components should be used to prevent dryness. Alternatively, skin can be washed with non-soap cleansers. One daily wash of the hands, feet, and face is adequate because repeated washings can damage the skin’s protective moisture barrier.

Put on sunscreen to keep your healthy skin

Never forget to use sun protection, especially on overcast winter days. Apply a high-SPF sunscreen with broad coverage. However, your lips, hands, legs, and feet also need to be treated with the same respect as your facial skin. But remember to use lip balm before going outside.

Treat your lips with care

One of the body’s most sensitive organs is the lip. Your lips tend to become dry in the winter, becoming chapped and flaky. Lip scrubs and lip balms can help your lips stay moisturized. Using a natural lip scrub and lip balm to protect your lips works great.

Use of vitamin E

Hair and scalp lose moisture due to the dry air and cold weather conditions, which causes a dry, dehydrated, itchy, irritated, and flaky scalp. Applying vitamin E, coconut, olive, or other natural oils to the scalp will help it absorb water and dry quickly after showering. These oils can hydrate dry hair as well as replace natural scalp oils.

Choose mild, fragrance-free cleaning products.

A mild cleaner with a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5 is your best choice. This will help maintain your healthy skin all year long and prevent breakouts and dryness.

Insert hyaluronic acid in your skin care routine

You can increase hydration by mixing a few drops with your current moisturizer! As a humectant, HA attracts and holds moisture for the skin to absorb. The hyaluronic acid molecule has a 1000-fold water-holding capacity! This procedure is also maintaining your healthy skin.

Take hot water only briefly.

Limiting your time in hot water is the best approach to maintain healthy skin in the winter. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils, which causes it to become dry and irritated. Try to utilize cold water whenever you need to take a quick shower.

Book your appointment with dermatologist

It’s crucial to schedule routine appointments with a dermatologist if you want to maintain healthy skin during this chilly season. This will guarantee the health of your skin and aid in spotting any early-stage issues.


These are all the skin care tips that make your skin fabulous in winter, just give them a try to make your healthy skin!

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